Yum Seng!

Wedding bells rung by my good friend Kai See.

Hannah Tan's Show

Hannah Tan's show at Putrajaya.

Felicity's Piano Graduation Recital

I was at Felicity's piano graduation recital armed with my weapons. Check the beautiful lady out in my pictures.

Michael and Pamela's Wedding

Capturing every moment of their wedding in pictures! Congratulations to the newly weds Michael Cheng and Pamela Tay!

Zlwin Magic

I did a magic show for a birthday party recently. Check out the pictures taken by Jessica Soo. Please visit also http://cracking-snaps.blogspot.com/

Camporama 2009

Camporama 2009 was a blast! So memorable I had to capture everything through the lens! Let the pictures talk. Posted here are only a few snippets of the thousands taken. Enjoy! More coming soon!

Magic @ 7aste, Penang.

I was invited to attend 7aste, the Penang chapter. Brought along a few friends of mine and we had an awesome time at the event. The event was held at Mansion 32, one of Penang's most excuisite and well known restaurant. They turned the whole restaurant into such a beautiful place for the night.

The event started off with people coming in and chilling out at the bar and other areas of the restaurant. There were free flow of choiced African wine, white wine and beer. The finger food that were served were very delicious. I like particularly the beef on satay stick. I don't know whether it was beef or not but it tasted like beef and it was very very good.

The ambience there was beautiful. Blue lights all over and people are just there to give you a smile and welcome you to the event. Felt like being at home in KL. Everything was good except for the lack of air conditioners haha. It was so so hot and I was sweating a lot in my coat and those without coats were sweating too. Maybe it was because of the heat coming out from the beautiful ladies all around haha.

I actually bumped into a lot of my KL friends and I was happy to know that they were willing to travel a 5 hour journey (depending how fast you drive) to come to Penang for this event. Yes, this event is THAT good! =)

I had the privilege to meet up with a lot of interesting people that night including the big people behind this event. We were chatting and they found out that I work as an entertainer, a magician/mentalist to be exact. Of course they asked me to show them some magic. So I did.

And they were blown away.

After that, it was one wild ride of Magic with one group after another.

It is interesting how you could get to know people through magic. There was this lady who was really impressed by me. Her name's Angie Ng. She shared with me about how she liked the way I entertained and performed. She is a well known emcee and has done a lot of events before and seen many magicians. She commended me on the way I brought myself and the way I respected my audience when I performed. We had a good chat over many laughters. She even tried to disect my magic part by part in the hope of knowing how it was done :) I also had a very good time with a huge bunch of youths from Penang. One of them recognized me and he approached me and asked whether I could show him and his friends magic. I was more than glad to do so. After that, we felt as though we knew each other for years! :)

Let the pictures do the talking.

7aste was a beautiful event. Two thumbs up to the men and women behind this very successful event! Cheers!!!

Pictures were all taken by a very close friend of mine, Simon Kong (http://pbmagician.blogspot.com)


Yum Seng!!!

A good old friend of mine, Boon Kai See, weds his beloved wife Ng Yen Yen. It was a night of celebration as these two exchange vows and as friends and family gathers to wish them well. The traditional "yum seng" session is one not too be missed.

It was a good time catching up with some friends of mine that I have not met for many years.

These guys drink like they are going into war =)


An Honest Mistake Rock(ed) The World (Part 1)

An Honest Mistake turned the stage and weather upside down at Rock The World 9 yesterday.

They played 4 songs and through their 3rd song, it started to rain. It did not deter the crowd. They stayed and rocked on! When the 4th song started, WOO HOO!!! It poured like crazy!!! The band was playing under the rain and they we...re all soaked!

The crowd was awesome! They stayed through the rain. When it died down, there was an encore and An Honest Mistake played one last song!


First gig ever under the rain!

Thank goodness my camera survived =)

More pictures HERE on FACEBOOK!


An Honest Mistake @ Artista

An Honest Mistake band performed at Artista, Tropicana City Mall, Damansara recently. Here are some shots I took of them. Had to leave early as I wasn't feeling well that time.

Check out their Facebook page:



Hannah Tan's Show @ Putrajaya

My good friend Leonard Chua brought me to Putrajaya last week for Hannah Tan's show. It was held at Pullman Hotel, a very beautiful place and very classy with a lot of good places to take pictures. Had the privilege to take pictures for Hannah.

http://hannahtan.com to know about who Hannah is =)

The lights play an important role here. I do not like using the flash in this kind of situation so I allow available lights to help me make my pictures nice.

She has a very pretty smile =)

We had some fun before the show started haha. Sukvinder took this shot of me taking off =D fly fly fly!

I just love jump shots =D

Sukvinder! He is a good jump shot model haha!

My boss Leonard Chua on the right and my boss' boss Hannah Tan on the left hehe =D